Homeschooling and the Olympics

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Our family loves to watch the Olympics.  We watch more TV when they are on than at any other time.  When they started last week I hadn’t really thought about how they would fit into our schedule.  We do not have cable, so we watch every evening from 6:30 to 11:00 (9:30 for Sparkle Girl).  This throws off bedtime, which throws off the rest of our schedule. So our school schedule has been turned on its head.  I decided to embrace it.  We are taking time off from our books and doing an Olympics unit.

We started out talking about the history of the Olympics.  I printed out some coloring pages, and we talked about Ancient Greece, Nike (the goddess) and the colors of symbolism of the Olympic Rings.  That evening we watched the opening ceremonies and learned about the Portuguese alphabet which had the USA marching with the E’s.  We have been practicing our math skills by keeping up with the score (archery is particularly useful for this) and I have created some on the spot math problems for them to work on during commercial breaks: If Mackenzie Brown has a score of 27 and her opponent has a score of 36, how many points does Mackenzie need to get with her final shot to win the round?

Today Wildcat is writing to his penpal about the current medal count (US is in the lead), how awesome Michael Phelps is, and how he wants to be on a track team.  I have the globe in the living room so that we can look up the countries we are playing against and discuss them.

Overall, we are having a wonderful time learning together.  Are you watching the Olympics?  Have you incorporated it into your homeschool time?  Let me know how in the comments.


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