Starting a Hydroponic/Aquaponic Garden: Part 1 Cleaning the Tank

My kids really want to learn about plants.  So, I decided to start a garden.  Unfortunately, growing season where we live is not for months yet.  Thankfully, I had been researching uses for our fish tank, and I came upon the idea of a hydroponic garden.
Gradually this morphed into an aquaponic garden as my kids really want to have fish again.  Our tank was extremely dirty to start with: tank1

So, I removed most of the rocks, drained  most of the water, and transported it outside, with the help of a wheeled hamper:


We filled the tank with water,  a gallon of vinegar, and about a cup of rock salt:tank3.jpeg

Then I scrubbed down the sides and left it, filled in the sun for around 2 hours:


I came out, scrubbed it again and drained it:


Then I brought it back inside using the hamper, and it was beautiful:


Next week I will add part 2 starting seeds, and making the planter.



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