Things that Help School Go Smoothly: Part 1 Having a School Soundtrack


Disclaimer: there is a great deal that I don’t know. I do know that every family is different and that the things that help my family are not universal. Hopefully this series will be a blessing for some. Any links to amazon are affiliate links.

Last year was the first year I homeschooled more than one child. Wildcat was doing 2nd grade, and Sparkle Girl was in Pre-K. Talking, arguing, whining, and making random noises to distract each other quickly became a huge problem. Music seemed to be a great solution. However, determining what music turned out to be very challenging. I learned that Classical Music did little to deter my kids from talking. Music with lyrics did prohibit talking, but encouraged singing contests. Nature Sounds was a disaster. I ended up ending school early and sending the kids outside after a migraine inducing frog croaking contest.

Finally, I decided to try movie soundtracks. We love Studio Ghibli films and I discovered a relaxing piano album – with works from the films – on Amazon. There were still bumps in the road, but the music had a calming effect on all of us. We were much more productive that day, and the next. They smiled at the music they knew, hummed along a bit, and sang an occasional, Totoro Toe-tor-oh, and I confess so did I. It is quite possible that my belief and confidence that this music would make us more productive is the reason it was so effective. Regardless, I now own two albums that I have on a playlist I shuffle during school time. Links to the albums are posted below. Do you use music as part of your homeschool day?  What do you use?  Please comment below.


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